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We collaborate with local Wichita businesses to offer services that align with their budget and support their short, medium, and long-term business goals. Our services enhance efficiency by identifying areas where machines can replace repetitive human work, allowing manufacturing personnel to produce more products in the same amount of time.

We also provide cybersecurity risk management services that help customers meet relevant industry standards, laws, and regulations, protect their people, processes, and end consumers, and achieve a higher security posture. By incorporating security measures into their streamlined and upgraded processes, we can improve their cybersecurity and ensure quicker recovery from cyber incidents.

At George Coffman Electric - Cyber, we possess the necessary tools, knowledge, and people to safeguard your business assets at a reasonable price point that reflects the value of Kansas. As a local business, we are committed to ensuring that our customers' operations and bottom line survive a cyber-attack. Although no cybersecurity company can guarantee complete safety, we can provide value and enhance your security posture in a manner that suits the budget of Wichita manufacturers.

Our services extend to various areas where we work with businesses to improve their cybersecurity, such as educating customers on the consequences of a cyber-attack, assessing the current threat environment, estimating the cost of recovery from an attack, and providing the costs of different cybersecurity products and services. At GCE, we believe that as the cyber insurance market matures proportionately to the cyber risk landscape, there will be significant insurance incentives associated with cost savings that will drive demand for our services.

The time taken to recover from a successful ransomware attack on an IT system averages around 16 days, which is increasing yearly. Although limited data is available on ransomware attacks on OT systems, the complexity of these systems implies that it could take longer to recover fully. As manufacturing companies strive to remain competitive globally, three weeks of limited or no manufacturing could be catastrophic. GCE adheres to the current National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST SP-800-82 guidelines to implement cybersecurity controls in the OT environment.


Meet the people behind the computer


Anthony George

Tony is a retired member of the Kansas Air National Guard and previously served as a Cyberwarfare Operator, specializing as a Cyber Penetration Tester, in the 127th COS (Cyber Operations Squadron) attached to an Air Force (CPT) Cyber Protection Team. Prior to joining the Guard, he served in the Navy for six years, undergoing SEAL training, working in Cryptology and Electronic Security System maintenance, and serving on the U.S.S. Enterprise.

Tony holds a degree in Computer Programming from Southwestern College, an Associates Degree in Information Technology from the community college of the Air Force, and currently teaches advanced cyber security and IIOT cyber security at WSUtech. He holds a CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) Certification and has over ten years of experience working for Raytheon as a Sr. Systems Engineer, with an additional four years as a Field Service Engineer stationed in Italy with ManTech.

Tony has held the highest qualification for a cyber-operator in the Air Force and has been certified in CompTIA Security Plus for over fifteen years, as well as various operating system certifications, SAN’s GCFA (GIAC Certified Computer Forensic Analyst). Additionally, he holds the highest clearance awarded by the United States government. Tony graduated from Rose Hill High school in 2001.


Matt Coffman

Matt Coffman is an accomplished Lead Automation Engineer with a diverse background in the Electrical/Electronic industry. Prior to his work in robotics and automation, Matt gained extensive experience in industrial electrical. He has since become a sought-after professional in the field, having worked as the lead engineer for a major automation company in Wichita. Matt is also an experienced instructor who teaches Robotics and advanced automation at WSU Tech. He holds certifications in Fanuc, ABB, UR, and Kuka robots, and is proficient in programming PLC's from Allen Bradley, Siemens, and Schneider, in addition to working with major brands and electrical equipment companies in the region. Matt's wide-ranging expertise in automation and programming makes him a valuable asset to the industry

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