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Industrial Data 

Do you need to make an old machine smart?  We work with you to get the information you need from any piece of equipment you have, regardless of age.  We can keep our product entirely independent of your machine and only collect data passively.  Each of our sensors can run independently or they can work in groups or cells to help add more context the data.   We will collect and connect your legacy or stand alone equipment into your data ecosystem.   Do you need OEE?  Don't throw away that old equipment because it's not smart.  Let us take a look at it first. 


The UNS model allows for a central location (hub) to be the source of data for your plant wide assets. This central repository then allows connections to edge devices as well as other platforms and databases (spokes) decreasing the number of separate connections that must be maintained.

UNS simply put is a single source of truth, current state and structure for all events in your business available in real time.  

As the fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0 continues to emerge the are many opportunities to connect, analyze and use data to increase performance in terms of time, efficiency, and money.  We help manufacturers incorporate and leverage this technology to make their businesses more productive and competitive.  George Coffman Electric incorporates IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), processes, robotics, AI (artificial intelligence), machine learning, and the Cloud to leverage those capabilities in an agile way to bring Wichita, Kansas, and America back to the forefront of manufacturing, cost effectively, and securely. 

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